Classic Tea

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    Our Classic Tea range is where we began as a company and through which we established our reputation. From the start, we wanted to create exceptional teas which would stand out and that our customers would seek out for their superb quality and consistency. We started by partnering with the most skilled growers in the finest gardens, transporting our teas from the plantations with the utmost care, and finally asking our highly trained tasters to produce the perfect blend and balance.

Dessert Tea

  • Dessert flovoured black and green tea

    Brew your favourite secret indulgence with our award winning dessert teas! Sugar free, calorie free, and with very low levels of caffeine, our dessert inspired recipes have been beautifully crafted by our master tea tasters working closely with top home chefs. Their combined expertise of tea and desserts has created exquisitely delectable blends, balancing the flavour of our signature high quality teas along with dessert recipes, enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.

500 gram

  • AhmadTea Great for Mind and Body     

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    Not only is tea a delicious and revitalizing routine for millions of people everyday, but research has shown that drinking tea can have numerous health benefits. Our tea is meticulously selected and tested, providing both optimial taste and potential health benefits in every sip.

Green Tea

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